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Opinions are like assholes...

Everyone's got one and no one wants to hear it.
I voted for the second time in my life and my candidate lost. Obviously I voted for McCain because I'm a racist, prick. Not because Obama wants to tax small business owners out of their mind, give all of our tax money to the rest of the world, and give up on countries that need our help, among other things. I'm just a bitter white man who "booed" last night as the first African-American President snagged his victory by landslide. But it's because I'm an ignorant McCain supporter. I don't know the difference between sad supporters and angry racism spouting from the mouths dissidents of the right wing wearing white hoods....ok I made the last part up, but they may as well be wearing them when were dealing in absolutes and hypocrisy, right?

A wise man once said that "
Only Siths deal in absolutes" (If you boo THEN you are...) so maybe the people spouting the real ignorance and hate online of all places, should rethink what they are saying

By the way, congr
ats to Obama, he had a great campaign and was the better man this time. If he follows through with everything he says (:P) this will be a great and prosperous time for America...a time for "change" if you will. But if he doesn't, it doesn't really matter....his supporters think of him as the second coming so he could kill someone in office and they will justify it somehow right?

I do like how he cover
ed his bases last night though....how he said that he knows everything can't be taken care of in one term...but he's gonna try his best.
tance of defeat before you even take over office? Good move

When peopl
e say that you don't support your country if you feel strongly enough about the person you support to "boo" the other person, then by God I'm a communist. Obviously being in the military and deploying to another country away from your family and everyone you love means you hate your country. "Boo" United States of America.
s EXACTLY how I feel

Some peopl
e say that it's hard to differentiate between McCain and Obama supporters. Well with Obama getting 95% of the African-American vote and a lot of the southern states who are historically red states, and people comparing McCain to Bush without reservation, I think we know who supports Obama. Let me be like the rest and lump all Obama supporters together. They're black, lower-middle class, uneducated hooligans. Now I feel like a good person. (If you really think that's how I feel then you are a just a bad friend) However I support McCain and I didn't "boo" Obama last night. I'm looking forward to the future with a new Commander-in-Cheif who wants to downsize the military and let a country crash into turmoil and civil war without the help of the people who sent it in that direction. I don't want to be in Iraq....but the STUPIDEST thing we can do now is pull out when things are settling down. Believe me if anyone knows things have settled down in the last year over there, it would be me. Besides the point however, the only thing we can do now is hope that he can turn the country around like he wants to.

This is why peopl
e can't talk politics and I only talk politics with close friends who I know won't blow things out of proportion and get their feelings hurt when someone doesn't agree with them or have the EXACT feelings I do. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings with this "rant" but I felt these things had to be said. If you don't want to be my friend anymore because of it then so be it, but it's how I feel so deal. If you read all the way down to here, thank you, and I really would love to know how you feel so feel free to write me a message and let me know. Thanks for your time.

By the way, I am being
SARCASTIC throughout most of this. Except on a few things: Congrats to Obama he was the better man this time. He has done something to a lot of Americans that no other politicians could do, which is inspire people. Not only to vote but just given them hope in this dark time.

I hope I offen
ded someone.

P.S. About
Prop 8. I didn't vote on Prop 8. I am against gay marriage but don't believe I have the right to tell people how to live their lives. Name calling people who don't believe in gay marriage is rude and uncalled for. Please refrain. It makes you look ridiculous and goes against everything your standing for. How does it look when your telling people not to be bigots and hating gay people and then turning around and spouting that same hate towards the people who don't agree is hypoc

August is upon us!

 It is August already and that means a few things to me.... 1) Devin's (my best friend) B-day, my annual conundrum of forgetting that it's actually on the 22nd and not the 23rd, 2) I am now OFFICIALLY five months away from giving Uncle Sam the big finger and showing him where he can shove his re-enlistment papers, 3) Summer is over and well for us stuck in Washington it's the first time we've had summer in a while so it's especially depressing.  There are many more reasons but i'm tired of doing this numbering thing.  I have to go back to work on Monday which blows because everyone is going to be back and I might actually have to get some work done.  But on the plus side I will be forced to do PT once more so that's good. 

Politics, Belle, and Step Brothers

 Bleh.  So the state of Politics this year as in most years has me very depressed.  Well actually I voted for Bush so the last 8 years have been pretty good for me.  :D  I AM tired of all the "lost puppy" liberals talking about how great it was when Clinton was President.  Well if I was President after Reagan and I rode his economic plan to greatness I would be remembered as the awesome Prez who stabalized the economy, brought us out of a defecit, and got head in the Oral...I mean Oval Office.  I love how people who know nothing about Politics throw their "ideas" into a conversation and other people who I know have more than half a brain agree with them.  Come on people lets get with the picture.  Also Obama sucks. P.S. "Poor Black Me" is not a good platform. 
So my not so baby anymore kitty is a little terror now.  She gets into EVERYTHING.  Especially water.  For some reason she loves to drink water out of a cup and the sink.  Also when she does drink out of her bowl she always tries to knock it over!  So we got her a heavy bowl that she can't knock over! Ha! Gotta be smarter than the kitty. But she got me good the other day.  I was taking a nap and she tried to get into my cup of water on the side table to knock it over...so being the genious I am, I grabbed the cup half asleep so that she couldn't get it and held it.  Then I started to fall alseep and forgot I had the cup and dozed off, dropped the cup of ice water all over me.  Needless to say I was awake then.  I'll get her though...it's just she's so cute when she's not being a little terrorist! 
Saw Step Brothers again.  It is SO GOOD!  Will Ferrel is awesome!  It is one of his best movies I think.  I also like the other guy in it.  If you have some free time and a few spare dollars you should go see it!!!

It's good to be home though. Two months!!

I love Arby's. :D

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